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The family of St Agnes loves, learns and grows together as followers of Jesus.

School Council

Here, at St Agnes, our aim is to give every pupil an opportunity to share their ideas for improving the school. The school council are a group of children who are elected by their peers, at the beginning of the academic year, to represent the voice and the views of all children in the school. They have fortnightly meetings with Mrs Kelly and/or Ms Lynskey to think about and to suggest ways of improving the school for all those who attend it. After each school meeting, the children feedback and discuss the outcomes with their class. This term the children have been focusing on ‘keeping safe.’ They have been speaking to their classes about how to improve safety whilst moving around the school and playground.

Year 1M         -     Lara & Gabriel
Year 1S        -     Caitlin & Angelos
Year 2D         -     Nicolas & Amelia
Year 2M        -     Alex & Alexandra
Year 3F       -      Luke & Erin
Year 3/4M    -     Olivia & Leila
Year 4KL       -     Seamus & Julia
Year 5G         -     Joseph & Jessica
Year 5K      -     Emilia & Jakub
Year 6G      -   Alexander S & Ascheley
Year 6M     
-    Melat & Aleksandra

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