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E-safety Advice

At St. Agnes we have truly explored the importance of E-Safety. It is our aim to ensure the whole family of St. Agnes are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology. In order to maintain this we now have an E-Safety section in our weekly newsletter. The aim of this is to provide parents, carers, staff and children with key information to help stay up to date on all that is E- Safety. We will provide you with discussion topics to help develop an easy to follow guide for children should they find they have any issues online.

The Duke of Cambridge has recently launched a national action plan to tackle cyber bullying. The Royal Foundation brought together the UKs largest media and technology firms to deliver first ever internet code of conduct – 'Stop, Speak, Support'.

‘All young people should feel able to look out for their friends, to stop the bullies, to speak out and to get support. This is the 'green cross code' for the web.’

The Stop, Speak Support code includes:


Action 1: Take time out before getting involved, and don’t share or like negative comments.

Action 2: Try and get an overview of what’s really going on.

Action 3: Check the community guidelines for the site you’re on.


Action 1: Ask an adult or friend that you can trust for advice.

Action 2: Use the report button for the social media it’s happening on.

Action 3: Speak to one of the charities set up to help with situations like this, such as Childline.


Action 1: Give the person being bullied a supportive message to let them know they’re not alone.

Action 2: Encourage the person being bullied to talk to someone they can trust.

Action 3: Give the person being bullied a positive distraction from the situation.


We encourage you to talk about this at home. Do your children know who to speak to if they need advice? Do you know who to speak to if you need advice?

Here are some useful websites with lots of E-Safety resources for you to up level your own knowledge and to share with your family and friends.




Internet advice for parents and carers:


If you feel you need any more help, support or advice let us know.








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