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The family of St Agnes loves, learns and grows together as followers of Jesus.

Nursery Curriculum Web Autumn 2016

Personal, Social and  Emotional Development

We will continue to support the children to settle in and develop friendships and relationships with the adults around them. We will be discussing our families and people who are important to us.

You can help at home by…

Sharing family photos of special celebrations or events. Talking about your immediate and extended family.


Communication and Language

We will be supporting the children to listen to stories and answer key questions about what we have read. We will be singing songs and rhymes with the children daily.

You can help at home by…

Sharing a book with your child everyday and talking about the story. For new stories encourage your child to join in with repeated refrains.



Physical Development

We will be doing lots of movement with dancing and singing in class,  to develop coordination and spatial awareness. We will be supporting the children to develop their fine motor skills by providing lots of opportunities for the children to thread, use tweezers to pick up small objects and model with dough/clay.

You can help at home by…

Visiting a local park and using the equipment to develop muscle strength. 


 We will be supporting children with their mark making helping the children to give meaning to the marks they make and support them. We will be listening to and recognising sounds in our environment and listening to the sounds we can make with musical instruments.

You can help at home by…

Listening to the different sounds you can hear in your home/ on a walk. Create sounds with household items such as playing with pots and pans with spoons.






Nursery Curriculum Web



Autumn 2016



We will be supporting the children to counting to 10 and recognise numbers 1-5. We will be learning to use shapes for a purpose and naming shapes.

 You can help at home by…

Going on a number walk, collecting leaves in the parkcounting and sorting, talking about numbers.


Expressive Arts and Design

The children will have lots of opportunities to use their imagination and creativity  as we role play familiar experiences and stories. They will have opportunities to explore different media and materials such as painting, collage, clay and modelling.

You can help at home by …

Talking to your child about what they have drawn/made.  Talk to your child about the games you played when you were a child.

Religious Education

Coming to know Jesus is God the Father’s Son

Hearing the story of Christmas

Coming to know that Mary is the Mother of Jesus

Experiencing praying with others as a celebration

Joining in simple prayers and hymns


Learning about ways in which a Christian family and parish share and celebrate life, and show care for one another

Understanding the World

Our focus, for this term, as the children settle in will be ‘All about me.’ The children will complete lots of activities about themselves  and learn more about each other. We will be learning about Advent and Christmas and how we prepare for Christmas.

You can help at home by…

Talking about the changes you notice as you travel to school, and collect some interesting objects for our display. Talk about the things you and your child like and dislike. Talk about Advent and Christmas.

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