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The family of St Agnes loves, learns and grows together as followers of Jesus.

FOSA - Friends of St Agnes

Charity no: 1171612

Chair: Ella Klupa

Vice Chair: Agata Grzych

Secretary: Chantelle Flanagan

Treasurer: Margaret McLaughlin

FOSA is a fundraising arm of St Agnes, but our first aim is to serve our community. It would be great to hear from parents what kind of events they would like to have organised by us, but also where they think the fundraising money should go towards. The income of FOSA goes directly to the school and is used for extras that cannot be allocated from the budget such as:

  • Yr 6 leavers gifts
  • Christmas panto
  • House treats
  • Subsidising class trips
  • Drinks and lollies for sporting events
  • Krispy Kremes on St Agnes Day

All parents are members of FOSA – this is because you choose to send your child to St Agnes’!  You can support either through your help in organising and planning events and by your attendance at events. Remember if you can help, please let your class rep know.

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