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St Agnes Primary School St Agnes Primary School

The family of St Agnes loves, learns and grows together as followers of Jesus.

Catholic Life

Our school has its own distinctive mission statement which expresses its shared sense of purpose. The family of St Agnes loves, learns and grows together as followers of Jesus.

Fundamental to that purpose is the belief that every person is made in the image and likeness of God and finds fulfilment in God alone. Our mission is to seek the ongoing development of every pupil and young person and to promote their well-being and freedom. This vision shapes the daily life of the Catholic school as a community in which faith is expressed and shared through every aspect of its activity.

Everything that happens At St Agnes' is informed by gospel values and the teaching of Jesus Christ. We are a loving community, where all are treated with respect, where a commitment to justice underpins all that we do and teach, and where the presence of God is reflected in the daily routine.

Through the pattern of daily prayer, through the celebration of the sacraments of the Church, through works of charity, through a striving for justice in all it does, our school seeks to be a catechetical community in which the content of the life of faith is shared. To fulfil the mission of their school, our school governing body seek to engage enthusiastic and committed teachers to provide leadership, inspiration and challenge to their pupils and students. 

Worship at Saint Agnes'

We are lucky enough to be situated very closely to Saint Agnes Church and the Parish Priest, Fr. John Buckley plays an active role in our school with regular visits. We also come together as a community in school and in the Church for Mass. We mark special liturgical celebrations in the Church's calendar such as Holy Week, Easter, Advent and Christmas.


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