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School Travel Plan

What is a School Travel Plan (STP)?

The STP is a package of measures aimed at reducing car use and improving safety on the journey to school. It is based on consultation with pupils, staff, parents and Governors and is developed in partnership with the wider community.  The STP process takes into account personal safety, road safety, environmental and healthy lifestyle issues.


There are elements that each STP should contain and these are:

  • Survey results
  • Objectives and (SMART) targets
  • An action plan of activities and measures.
  • A programme of monitoring and review.
  • Support and signatures from the headteacher and the governors.


I am sure you appreciate that we can arrange many activities to meet our STP targets, however, without the support of our local community many of them would not be as successful. We would appreciate your feedback on our initiatives.


What we have done at St Agnes’ to support our STP.

  • Walk Once a Week (WOW)
  • WOW Badge Designs
  • Use public transport for school trips
  • Modeshifters
  • Junior Road Safety Officers


School travel plan policy

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