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Parent Forum

The Parent forum is made up of a representative from each class across the school. The parent forum meets half termly with the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Chair of Governors - Mrs Gill Abbott to discuss any issues. The last Parent Forum Meeting was held on 28th November 2019 - the minutes of which are displayed on the Parents Board for all to see. The next Parent Forum meeting will be held on the 27th March at 9am. In September 2019 reps for each class will be put in place for the next school year - these are welcome from both existing reps and of course new members - your voice matters to us.  If interested, please leave your name and contact details at the school office.

Minutes of Parent Form meetings are circulated to all members and a copy is placed on the Parents Board at the main gate for all to read.

There are still some vacancies for class reps, please pass your details to the school office if you are interested.

Parent Reps:

Nursery  -   Launa Staunton

RB       -      Fiona Garnett

RD       -      Natalie Patterson

1M      -       Zoe Finch

1S        -      Adrian Dela Roca

2M       -      Jennie McAvoy

2Q       -      Christine Takengny

3M      -       Gloria Murphy

3D       -      Helen Dela Roca

4S       -   

4M      -  

5C       -      

5M       -        

6G & 6K   -   Susan Hillman 

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