St Agnes

St Agnes Primary School St Agnes Primary School

The family of St Agnes loves, learns and grows together as followers of Jesus.

St Alban

St Alban was the first martyr of England. His feast day is the 22nd June. He was born in 304AD but the date is unknown. He lived in a town called Verulamium. During a persecution of Christians, Alban hid a priest in his house. The priest made such a great impression on him that Alban received instructions and became a Christian himself. He was a Roman soldier who was converted to the Christian faith. Alban had a great deal of money, and with it he used to help the poor people who lived around him. Everyone loved and trusted him. If anyone was in trouble they would go to St Alban for help. He was the patron saint of converts and refugees. He died in 305AD and was beheaded.

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